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Chiropractic Prepares Puff Daddy for Marathon
by Dr. Ted Smith and

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prepares for marathon
Two months before the 2003 New York City Marathon, Sean Combs, “Puff Daddy,” decided he was going to complete the 26.2 mile course through Manhattan.

After barely making it through a two-mile training session, Combs realized he needed help. He called upon Drew DeMann, DC, MA, CCSP, his “personal sports physician.”

DeMann provided Chiropractic care to Combs in the weeks leading up to the marathon. DeMann reported that Combs had a number of physical ailments in his back, neck and knees.

Chiropractic was used to prepare him for the race.

In addition to the psychological barriers and fatigue associated with running a marathon, Combs also experienced stiff joints and low back pain.

An aggressive approach to treating and combating the muscle fatigue was taken in order for Combs to complete his rigorous training sessions.

As a result of care, Combs was able to complete the 26.2 mile race in just four hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds, placing in the top 32% of participants.

Combs recognized how Chiropractic prepared him for the race. He mentioned Chiropractic several times and brought his Chiropractor to the forefront during the press conference following the event.

Combs gave special thanks to DeMann and to Chiropractic for getting him through such a difficult race.

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