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Wellness Newsletter

Pure Chiropractic Wellness Newsletter

Welcome to Pure Chiropractic Wellness Newsletter. We trust that you will find our Wellness Newsletter helpful in learning important facts about Chiropractic and in making your decision for a Chiropractor in Eatonton, GA.

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The Chiropractic Solution for Sciatica and Pins and Needles

Pin and Needles Eatonton GA Sciatica

Have you ever experienced sciatica or pins in needles? Where the pain seems to radiate down your leg to your foot or down your arm to your hand and maybe into only two fingers.  These examples may not be the most commonly thought of when we use the term nerve pain, but it causes extreme misery ...


The Naked Truth

Naked Truth Nutrition Eatonton GA

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Healthy for Two – Avoid Back Pain

Eatonton GA Pregnancy Back Pain

Being pregnant is an amazing and daunting time all rolled into one. You are experiencing the wonder of growing a new life inside of you and often your body begins to let you know about it. The Shift As your belly grows and the weight begins to get heavier and shift positions, it is not uncommon (but ...


Prevent Summer Migraines

Prevent Migraines Eatonton GA

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The Chiropractic Toolbox – Repairing Digestive Disorders

Eatonton GA Digestive Disorders

It always comes at the most in opportune times, but at one time or another, we have all experienced the discomfort of bloating, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea or constipation.  Unfortunately for many people this has become a daily occurrence.  Traditionally, triggers have thought to have been anything from stress, eating certain foods, stomach or bowel ...


Health by Your Design

Health by Your Design Eatonton GA

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The Chiropractic Solution – The Sum of the Whole

Physiotherapy Eatonton GA

Chiropractic Care has evolved since its birth in 1895.  In addition to helping people in pain, chiropractors help people to heal more effectively, which helps the person regardless of their diagnosis. Research has demonstrated that people receiving regular long term care have better physical and emotional health, adapt to stress more effectively and show greater ...


Get Moving

Get Moving Eatonton GA

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Lake Oconee GA

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Avoid Allergies Naturally Right from the Start

Allergy Relief Eatonton GA

Finally summer is here!  But with the great weather that arrived late this year so did  the massive pollen levels that are causing an historic spike in cases of seasonal allergy, also known as allergic rhinitis.  Bad news for those of us who anxiously awaited to emerge from our winter cocoons and enjoy the great outdoors. Allergies ...


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Andrea suffered from horrible stomach problems for years. She had to take at least ten antacids after everything she ate. Since her first Corrective Chiropractic adjustment,...

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Sandy has suffered with Neck and Shoulder Pain. Since attending Chiropractic Care both of his pains have gone away. Overall Sandy explains that he feels much better with tot...

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Kathy initially received chiropractic care for her neck pain, which significantly improved but more importantly she has experienced better posture, significant weight loss t...

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