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Meet Dr. Rebecca Patrick

Dr. Rebecca Patrick

Wellness Chiropractor

Dr. Rebecca Patrick is originally from the small town of Port Republic, New Jersey. She grew up enjoying activities such as fishing, hiking, chasing the sunset, and surfing. She loves anything outdoors, being surrounded by God’s nature, and traveling to new places with her husband, Daniel. Dr. Rebecca realized in high school that she was passionate about caring for others as she grew up with health issues. After consistently getting adjusted by her family chiropractor, she noticed she was not getting sick as often as she used to. That is when she and her husband, Daniel Patrick, decided to apply to Life University together.

Rebecca has a focus in pediatrics and pregnancies but loves to take care of people all ages! 

In her time out of the office, you can find Rebecca gardening, taking care of her 5 chickens, and playing with her 2 cats, Luna and Moosh. “I am grateful and excited to be a part of the team at Pure Chiropractic!”

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